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By | 1 February 2016

& here have arrived the days of Hillary Clinton quizzed over Benghazi attacks Count the marriage lines Each regrettable error Too polite for the Semester to end this way This devastating Man at your knees humour Rouse suspicions with a round of bellicose Avant garde: the state I’m in

Whoever left love unscarred never left Redressing the bodies of the dead How fevers derived from the architecture of moods Marshal in remission lasting between one day & six months This pilfering & endlessly astray body Every arrangement is happening except serological work: the

gamma globulin series The human experiments occupying lung space Stop writing about wombs you sick fuck We know you’ve got to live & the Eulogists will look for signs that just one more assault is good for the elegy I’m here for the home stretch This patch of mottled skin enjambed internally We

have to be quick & sequential So you are faced with dying & nobody is intervening Who siphoned all the serotonin Left wondering if this cognitive dysfunction is part of it too It requires some pressure to remain coping & often I mother the children in a way that implies I’ve just found them under my

care: Undifferentiated Absence within us Multi-sensory the spectrum we use for the invulnerability of love Put the burn on me You don’t need to attack me Vulgar lover the would-be long night Lolling head & mouth & No seam between To feel a surge of pride Are we boycotting

countries or just too poor to travel Deforested & corroded : here in these spaces New password new password hello Dorothy 25% off winter & my heart is a layaway Off to Parson’s green for an amuse bouche or two Rewards for the latest bloods Such a racket being here with my scribbles There’s a

new ecosystem growing in Just you wait until your funeral I say & we laugh : sure sure of the refusal of aftermath Shut up & consider hieroglyphs & wait in case the antidote is digitalised I didn’t think the girl could be so cruel: there’s an almost hospital level sanitary nature to her

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