Dorothy Lehane

(untitled 3)

The throaty oesophageal tissue dislodges as if to say here be nourishment & battle Keep going & Peer at the womb that haemorrhages post-coitally Remove the tube & it’s still a sticky mess So fraught & such Arcadia Didn’t you …

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(untitled 1)

& here have arrived the days of Hillary Clinton quizzed over Benghazi attacks Count the marriage lines Each regrettable error Too polite for the Semester to end this way This devastating Man at your knees humour Rouse suspicions with a …

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(untitled 2)

I am finished with beauty & money Close the gap between us which is imaginary but nonetheless I’ll put your position into my poem: Luton Premier Inn with temporomandibular jaw I may never share my google calendar again The scars …

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