Ro-not ro-bot

By | 17 March 2005

If I could cry
I would short my circuits and rust
I shed imaginary tears
Because you who can feel. Won't.
I long to know the tactile sense of the fragile petal
Feel its texture and sniff it's scent
Go heady wrapped in its perfume.
But the weed you've just stepped on
Will never regain its strength
If my heart beat, I would
Make it beat for someone special every day,
Not spurn or cheat a love, spurn a kiss, a touch
If I could create
Marvels of Wood, Canvas and sound I would initiate.
And my greatest creation and my pride to be of Bone and flesh and soul
My child would never know fear,
Or go hungry while there is life in me
My child would never disregard or hurt another creature
Nor turn away from me
Like you do now

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