By | 1 October 2020


Lay your body of work on the line, for the unemployed / cry
out for change. They need / content creators. Invest in
something higher. Penthouse suites. In the land of the free /
there are openings. The unemployed fill / the sky. Is the limit
for fledgling investors / land? Speculation lifts the stock
prices / in our hearts. Valued Donors lay / the foundations.
Graduates paint the sky / in this economy of empty
skyscrapers. There are holes for the unemployed to fill.


In the only age not named for its weapons the poor raise
their hands / to make their voices heard. Lay down. Your
voices / are heard, objectives achieved. / Return to the
public square / in your palm. Your voices are private.
Property. / Barricades. The public square. / The poor raise
their voices and the only age not named for its weapons
takes up arms.

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