By | 1 October 2020

aspirational voter
don’t fuck with the tax system –
because even though you hate rich bastards
one day, you could be one of them
I mean, you never know

Liberal voter
don’t let them take your money
you work hard – without any
handouts ¬– and you certainly
wouldn’t call yourself rich
but yes, let the gays marry

progressive voter
secular kindness in a daily struggle
against the blindness of privilege
we are all the same
pronouns: us / them

conservative voter
you can’t even fucking say
what you think anymore
around these humourless luvvies.
You have rights too, now that the margins
are oppressing you

swing voter #1
when you watch the telly
which one of their smug mugs
annoys you the least?

inner city voter
they do it tough out in the bush
but at least they have gardens –
here it’s just a filter bubble of
terrace houses, cafes and apartments
with only algorithms and a line of traffic
to keep the suburbs at bay

Labor voter
once were workers
shirts begrimed with elbow grease
heaving at the picket lines
now –
wait, who are we?

independent voter
scattergun protest vote or boutique cause?
what makes you different
is what makes the difference

Green voter
science is sexy again
like a Tinder date: swipe left
and we’re all slowly burning
in the dark satanic mills

swipe right, and it’s better to reign
in hell than serve in parliament

either way, our children will
soon be seeking asylum
on another planet

asylum seeker
a weather vane
for our nation’s fears
or failures

swing voter #2
as the country lists
from left to right, listen
to all the sales pitches
and check your balance
like a moody pendulum

I mean, they’re all fucked.

aussie voter
spills sauce from a democracy sausage
over greasy fingers and onto
the school ground, where it sizzles in the sun
like blood on the streets in some
faraway revolution

how good is Australia?

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