Addictive Media

By | 1 October 2020
The little bird, it flutters near
Just beyond the cognate sphere
The rhythmic thrum, imposed regard
Punctures wisdom’s noble guard

Through the portal, clean escape
Where I control, dictate, reshape
Abstract correlation reigns
Blissfully disregard mundane

The sedative placates the soul
Submerged in isolation’s bowl
Thoughts culpable to self alone
Restrained, soothed, senseless drone

Dystopia beyond the seal
Distinguished with a passive zeal
A hollow realm of faceless ghosts
Of cold, inconsequential boasts.

Muffled pulse of passing hope
Subsumed by this kaleidoscope
That dazzles in my tunnelled view
Omnipotent, it will subdue

One, to two, to three, to four
Each action here has gone before
Complacent sigh, a warm caress
Freedom from hope’s cruel duress

Hung grapes fade, the fox relents
The mediocre represents
A life divided; charged, inert
Waiting for that next alert.

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