This is my swamp

By | 1 September 2023

A deflated astronaut’s lung
hangs pegged to a Hill’s Hoist
in every other Brisbane backyard,
sapped dry of the Fruity Lexia
that makes you sexier.
This is my swamp
jokes the Brisbanite too loudly
to his confused, clammy neighbour
as they sweat their asses off
through 85% humidity days.
Swap the mud-thick Myers Scottish
with a lilting Day-Knight twang
to the tune of Look at moiiii or
It’s nice. It’s different. It’s unusual and boom!
You’ve got a successful social interaction.
I believe Shrek would feel right
at home here, All-Starring somewhere
in the long, winding backwaters
of our suburban clusterfuck.
This is my swamp, tries our Brisbanite
again to his retreating neighbour,
puzzled by the reference that doesn’t quite land
for his generation. If only translated to:
It’s not the heat that gets ya. It’s the humidity
then maybe they could be friends.
Surely if The Castle was set in Brisbane,
Darryl Kerrigan would take a deep breath
and hit us with, How’s the humidity?
Brissie Shrek would marry Tracey
and practice kickboxing with her in the backyard
under the wheezing astronaut’s lung.
He’d look like a more animated Eric Bana
hulking with sweat and septic
green as the Streets Beach lagoon
we love best at a safe distance.

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