Techno Fantasia

By | 1 September 2023

I heart wuv you sherbet wizz-fizz yoyo, clickclack bay-city POP!
I heart wuv you slinky jelly sparkle superballs POP!
wuv you wuv you wuv you wuv you wuv you wuv you wuv you wuv you
P-P-P peppy preppy pink-musk lollypop photo-op
turquoise pool, glossy paper stock
it’s pearly, sticky cherry quiver lip, blonde-tipped dolly flipped
plastic fluid boob-tube roller disco Oh-Oh!
amnesiotic amniotic rainbow blowup flamingo au-go-go Oh-Oh-Oh!
B-B-B bubbly chubbily purply glo-glo POP!
need feed feed need need feed feed need – Oh-Oh! Don’t let the bubble burst!
it’s lite bright breezy pine-lime, lolly-banana, slushie chewy juicyfruit
sugar-frosted mint crunch crunch fat-free beautiful people
beautiful fat-free people-people
lolly-scented laughter pouring tipped-back
shiny teeth, razzle-dazzle horsey rainbow unicorn teeth
it’s Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Have Fun! Have Fun!
it’s big blousy bubbles ballooning free
up-up-up, the sky-blue sky, higher higher
bursting into sunbeams POP!
OH-OH-OH! the glory of it!
OH-OH-OH! the miracle of it!
it’s people-people dancing spinning twirling bouncing bubbling
M-M-M mirror-mirror perfect people-people sparkle
mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror mirror
dazzling my eyes, worming my ears, crowding my mind, seeding my dreams
it’s POP! everywhere and forever
I believe! I believe! I believe!

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