Skuttlebutt visits cousin Sam

By | 1 September 2023

language is a body of water
and cousin Sam loves it

like Christmas

every Wednesday he goes surfing
at Maroubra
and all the boys gather

watch him out there
paddling through syntax

one Friday night
i visited him in Paddington

dancing around
a coffee table he sucked viciously
on a grape vape

ACDC was playing
and he just couldn’t believe
how high the voltage was


he kept repeating

and skuttle being butt yourself
hummed low woohoo into Victorian windows

the F1 makes similar news
but the tire burn of days
produces nothing but

a petroleum-based indecision

just relax Skuttle have a vape Sam says
not everyone can shit like you do

but it’s not about poo Sam more the smell

really i mean its subjective

and philosophers have been talking about themselves for centuries

That’s why fish fingers in the oven on Sundays Skuttle

though not quite a red-hot chilli
peppers theme song at least

a reverberation of intent

did you mean a descent?

oh i don’t know
but we’re surfing remember

and if it’s not the pokies
then it’s the Big Banana
printed on a tea towel
slipping from

a Coffs Harbour veranda

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