Dirty Hit

By | 1 September 2023

do you ever find yourself reading poems
just to see what people who actually get published
are writing these days?

or sniff your clothes in the washing basket
even though you know they’re dirty?

I do

it’s like I realised today I have
only ever had a very middle-class experience
of drugs

never rich enough to justify a habit
or know intimately enough anyone who is a dealer
& can give me drugs for free

I go places all the time
where I’m the only person with an iPhone X
but I pay $13 for a pint without blinking

is it the same for you?

when people offer you a line
you know it’s a flex
something a little less severe than pity

here’s a taste of the wealth
you don’t have

anyway cut to
me in this borrowed jacket
me in these second-hand shoes
getting to live in that world for 20 minutes

which is a much-needed break
from constantly worrying if
my card is going to be declined

& suddenly
wisdom hits!

it’s another way of realising you’re
30 years old still surviving on hand-me-downs
& hand outs
but briefly not caring

like Phil Collins in the gorilla suit
it has been drummed into me
to look past status symbols

big cars or flashy ones
sneakers without laces
home ownership
art that is not a print

you see through them

these will make you feel good
for a bit
which is kind of wonderful

we all need the serotonin

better than hate-reading this poem
only because it has been published in POETRY
just to make myself feel shit

a line from it I quote here

making love, one eye on the window

because despite its best attempts to convince

the high never lasts

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