No-one Listened

By | 1 November 2019

I’ve lived for over forty years
Let me tell you that I could say
Anything at all
And it wouldn’t matter
To anyone
Because no-one is listening
And I could spell the letters of my words
Aywnay and it wuodln’t mtater
Bcuaese no-one is ltsesning
Bcuaese I’m a weritr
Of muinslcie poprrotion
The twon cerir
Wtih my mgphaenoe
Siyang athnynig
To aynnoe
Athnynig at all
A slmal perlbom for the Pserdinets
Yuor Pmrie Mnisirtes
Yuor Rylaos
Yuor Trump’s
Yuor Duterte’s.
Tehy Ceird
Wehn tehy fnuod out
For the vrey frist tmie
Taht we hetad
As mcuh as tehm
Wtih our mgphaenoe
The twon creirs
Who siad tehy did us wnrog
Who siad tehy ndeeed us
Atfer all
To ltisen
Bcuaese whituot us
Tehy atmuoned to nhitong
Nhitong, no-one
No-one at all
And it wuodln’t mtater
Taht tihs was wtetrin
Bcuaese no-one ltsenied
No-one at all.

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