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By | 3 December 2008


sweet Persephone knocking on the ceiling
love your meads and love your flowers
should they be at the door
with my sheep and dogs round white boulders
chancing upon
ivy and impatiens
while flakes bind the ankles
of your sovereign sleep
dragging me towards the top of this building


you hear names they never knew
ivy and impatiens
yet can't remember
snow tiptoes on the valleys
blanket upon blanket
lost and found between satellite dishes
red centaurs take their time
indifferently repeated
while your alkaline soul turns over
a fragmentary signal
in the world of small changes



kneel for no cause
smile with no purpose
endless supply of grandmothers waving
petals and ties
the passport i forgot
dial hold step aside
and kiss on a grass-green pillow
the music will start in a minute
a window to a house with a door from the summer room
ivy and impatiens
with burnished clay riesling bells
there is almost always a slope however slight
a window
looking down to
blind whispers of
two fences clothes pegs guests in yellow and blue
above the silky dreams of insectivores

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