Cristina Silaghi

Cristina divides her time between studying, writing, and painting. She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, and likes to think of her poems as having a collage-like quality.

travel luggage

1 touch the walls with bare hands. snow. each line along his brow spilling over glistening stones.     2 I hear the nurses calling between shadows and give that up, too. He will draw a door closing and flickers …

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1.   walk with me along the pathway of analog lovers. visitors will bring food and gifts gathered from palaeochannels visible in the twilight at fifteen-day intervals. once a mega-lake, the autumn slowly made inroads into an atypical hesitation waltz …

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practical project

III sweet Persephone knocking on the ceiling love your meads and love your flowers should they be at the door with my sheep and dogs round white boulders chancing upon ivy and impatiens while flakes bind the ankles of your …

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