travel luggage

By | 10 July 2009

touch the walls with bare hands.
snow. each line along his brow
spilling over glistening stones.


I hear the nurses calling
between shadows
and give that up, too. He will draw a door closing
and flickers of saints
inside the shell of a car
a library of untranslated prose
no longer light years away.

You harvested whatever you could carry
Along the independent variable of time or narrative –

sleep awhile, if you will.
This will look like a circle to the audience and they will applaud.

until we meet inside the radio
or (doctored) film with red flowers
(I hope this thing)
the name of a late breeze looks nothing like
a familiar occurrence subject to change
(at least in front of you)
secret drawer tidy package
focus evenly tell me
until we meet (inside the radio)
There's no comparison


the latest report patiently clouds the room

and cannot see the other side

colour in each petal with the scratchy hand of a kid
you are bookbinder cartographer

dog on the wall
all to himself
underneath old newspapers



Those eyes that shift from left to right
Pull out a folded handkerchief and tell us where we are,
how it becomes us, the monk replied
Except for the suitcase he has completely filled with unfinished words



deserted by a whole team of people with tools
of the quotidian. (We apologise for endangered auxiliary verbs
including sharp or heavy objects
but not tonight.)



dog on the wall
all to himself
underneath old newspapers
its existence identity late and later
Crazily it shone

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