Dove Cottage

By | 3 December 2008

Wm turned in the night again
digging his heels into my hasty pudding.
(Dove Cottage Maxim 13:
You can never have too much oatmeal.)
Our first weeks here we made maxims – late into the night.
I use 'we' loosely, of course,
Although I did proffer some choice morsels
Dove Cottage Maxim 14 [rejected]:
You can never have too much laudanum.
Wm's recall of M Wollstonecraft selective, as usual.
Dove Cottage Maxim 7:
Never confuse theory and practice.
DCM 8:
Never confuse poetry with reality.
Earlier in the evening we had braved a brisk wind
To go lie in a ditch covered with twigs.
I thought it was pretty lame at first
But after the first couple of hours I got into the swing of it.
There are many ways to induce hallucinations
But lying in a ditch covered in twigs was a new one for me.
I'm still pissed, though, that we never get to play the games
I want to play.

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