By | 15 September 2022

I don’t want to let anyone else in
but I remember being loved
the slope of your shoulder
as you pressed
forward and I
yielded, my hands knowing
the movement of your back

ever from sight
as now I watch outside the
memory a lurker
awkward and real

your love was felt
as safety as a rush

a ripple carried from your shoulders
all the way down my spine—

and they say you are so far
away you won’t be coming
back is it strange that

sometimes all of me

is very still
is hushed as
lake becoming glass

but look—
like a shiver
the water, watch closely
it moves—

tell me how the wind works
why is it like being touched
pressed close
all the way up
my skin
to the nape of—

no tell me instead
what do you hold
where you are
so far away?

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