By | 15 September 2022

The women with the sad eyes are usually the sexiest.
New moons rolling around in their heads. Big dumb
pools you can dive into. The moon doesn’t speak
much, so you can project your longings onto her. Try
picking her out of the sky like a cherry, go on. Wrap
your tongue around the stalk of her one huge glaring
eye and see if you can tie the knot. Tongue dexterity
is a skill they teach in school. The tide of you pulls
like a dry rope, straining against cargo. Despair is
the look of the season. Heart rolling around inside
you like a stubborn pebble. Peppercorn of need.

They say these girls possessed a single eye.
Dropped to the bottom of the ocean, as if into
a glass. Half empty and filling rapidly with salt.
A thousand feet below the ocean, looking up
at things that don’t exist yet. You can’t get inside
someone else’s eyes and see through them. You
can work at rage all your life, and still have
nothing to show for it. What a terrific waste
of time, trying to make violent things beautiful.

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