“The tiled koi pond is filled with lobsters.”

By | 1 December 2014

Heather Jessup, YHZ-(YYC)-YVR
December 4, 2012

Heather, there is nothing on the Internet that suggests
that this koi pond filled with lobsters actually exists.
Knowing you are not a liar, I can only assume
you are a romantic that misread holding tank as
koi pond.
The lobsters not ornament, but there
for souvenir: the remembrance boiled alive and served
to friends. I was here. Memory dripping with sweet butter.
Here. I empty the tank of lobsters. What now,
wishing well? Signs that say you really oughtn’t throw coins?
Clear the coins, pull the plug.
Wherever, intones the PA. The empty space
a place to lie down before security comes
with its hook, with its hustle.
Race to the gate where the poem takes us
into there’s air with your rusty laugh,
your old cellphone with its cricketing clitter.
Wherever, wherever, wherever.

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