telescoping the history after LBJ came to Melbourne

By | 1 February 2015

and Pelikan ink, and Letraset
kissing without meaning
we were smart
and beads

she wore a blue panty girdle
napalm blossoms in the garden
Rufus Youngblood, the head of the presidential security detail
trotted in a suit beside the Lincoln Continental

angry egg yolks ruin shiny car black duco
our youth priest drove his Peugeot 404 at 100 miles an hour
on the back roads behind the concrete dam wall

stone walls were crumbling
my Irish history
we were listening to Sergeant Peppers

though apart from the novelty
we had no idea
bus drivers were figures of authority

I had to stop and weep
driving over the Great Dividing Range
in the red and grey Mini my father bought me

we ate red meat and gravy, but even then
our mother was making us detour to the stone ground miller in Epping
we thought she was a fool
this was 1966
she was doing rough paintings of Australian trees
under the influence of a German artist friend
in the hot, stony outskirts of a Bendigo suburb
that I cannot get rid of

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