Maurice McNamara

Maurice McNamara aims for down-to-earth, casually lyrical writing. He lives in Melbourne. His book, Half-Hour Country, was published by Small Change Press in 2009.

theory was, we could network our way to

at the job centre when the trainer was giving us uplifting aphorisms everything will be all right in the end… if it’s not all right it’s not yet the end Charmaine, 38, victim of a brain aneurysm said, hang on, …

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telescoping the history after LBJ came to Melbourne

747s and Pelikan ink, and Letraset kissing without meaning because we were smart and beads she wore a blue panty girdle napalm blossoms in the garden Rufus Youngblood, the head of the presidential security detail trotted in a suit beside …

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short history of spag bol

I learnt ragu alla Bologna from a gay guy called Che round the back of St Mark’s Church, Fitzroy sharing a house his real name was Paul Jackson, from Bentleigh lived there with his aunty, sometimes wore a beret he …

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Zips are better than buttons when going to the toilet, but not when being undone by a member of the opposite sex. Slow sex is better than quick sex, except when quick sex is better. Any sex is better than …

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I’m in my garden. This poem needs love, that needs secateurs. I ruin quite a few trees. Try hard. Outside objectivity helps. But you’ve got to keep slouching back to your own Bethlehem. I don’t read classy writers. Get anxious. …

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Saving 100 Chickens

We argue about whether saving 100 chickens – their feathers to be patted by a sentimental lesbian – will help to save their million brothers and sisters on the conveyor belt line. This was after eating two pink lamb cutlets, …

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