halcyon hurts

By | 1 May 2020

two girls swim in sunset bisque
wheeling a bike with shattered spokes. twin
apparitions, they drift by, lit
in soft orange—a momentary melange
of bruised knees, wet eyes, inflamed
gravel-scratched arms

overlaid, that dusty negative: rollerblades
scraping down the hot streak of first avenue,
your feral rattling laugh as
my knee unzips
on summer-baked tar

arid atoms of earth. squashed darts
caught in hair. your hands, powdered
with mammee noodle-salt, holding the gash
shut, steady. blood webbing
over our pinafores, over flesh
a baptism that binds
disparate matter into one

how do I disinfect these
phantom wounds protect against
all this useless
tactile knowledge
of a stranger

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