Dear Mother

By | 16 August 2019

on board P.& O. liner “Chitral” 1933
We had a race meeting the other evening; it was quite exciting. The race card is
enclosed. The dogs are toys on wheels & drawn by a string which is wound up round a
drum by the Jockey who sits with her back towards the course so that she cannot see how
the race is going… My dog won the second race & I won 20/- but had to give the Jockey
10/- for her efforts.

won by Buckle’s Clutching Hand by Reach out of Boarding House

Oct. 20th nearing Colombo
Arthur Buckle, age 27

ex- out of London
recently articled, fished
from a CA firm for
K B & Co., Penang

Surrey dad
badly gassed
in WWI

so Flora-raised, sensibly

“economical” & musical
named for a king
open to ex-

what’s left

experiri, try, try

…to stand in the bows at night-time

to make it, fit in

watch the sparkling lights
in the sea as it gets churned up
by the ship…

(with a joke not a
joke, experience
just cliché

…they say that on some nights at Penang
it is so pronounced
that the movement of fish is sufficient
to stir it up

those colonial echelons
hard-boiled, & you

bound for the new
a try so

sure / unsure

the whole sea looks

seeing & being
in it

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