Atargatis or More

By | 16 August 2019

Before the end of the world we went
looking for more, on the shores of our
fated apocalypse. We dug bottomless
graves in devastated sand dunes and shoveled
more wet dirt, laid down in drawn out
motion, squinting at the sun with pirated
retinas and dirty fingernails. We sent
silent messages to the people beneath
the sea who lost us on purpose, for we
had gills but used them to suffocate Atargatis,
the sea goddess. On the final night, we found
an old piano on the pier, struck an irrevocable
tune at the full moon, staring blindly at its
waxed edges until it short-sighted us,
our heads submerged in a trash mountain
of more, crystal shaped viscous water
gleaming helplessly into fractal ice.

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