The Swing of Things

By | 1 May 2015

Divots left to the weather a new etiquette
to entertain a wait-and-see up to the dotted minute
doing for others… then the marshal’s quip trail off
and voice-prints queer the cameras—no one’s
nuisance (par for the upset) before drying off.
The caddy is good at what he does, worth the wait
on this one. Never calling foul, calm settles offhandedly
as it should, all the more becoming, kicking back, you know.
The groundskeepers mistook the mess for mole holes.
We deserved the visit to rub our noses in it.
Eighteen screws later these carts fall apart
as jiggling sets off waves
beyond anyone’s control makes his day
it seems. The small world, the control room
got it this time, a piece of it anyways, loose ends
I mean … taking it as a hint, road buckling.

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