The Skinny on the Stiff

By | 1 May 2015

Mangled: turtle-turned Chevy 59 Impala.
Figure: she spun it haywire onto the hard shoulder.
Gawper: witness unreliable, crazy yakking albino mulatto.
Pathos: half-smoked straight stubbed in her half-chowed burrito.

Radio: still dialled to netherworld gospel, big band boo-hoo.
Radio: request ambulance exigent / pronto a fire cutting crew.

Deduce: a carhopper on rollerskates (her creased sawbuck tips).
Isolate: debris; chalk draw the glass gems gussying the rumble strips.
Reconstruct: pedal to metal, (her impasto lip rouge), fulminating torque.
Corpus: goodbye urban arterial, (her fleur-de-lis hoops), hello city morgue.

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