Before the Sun Thinks Anyone’s Looking

By | 1 May 2015

when I stare at the sun I see large shadows sneaking up behind me
the pavement becomes a hover board
the red lights an intersection filling spider web
the green light is farther than I can swim.
every morning I check the GPS, reading letters instead of numbers,
sometimes cyrillic, an erupting snowflake barcode

if one hands a smart phone & the other’s a satellite dish
how do I respond to everything informing me?
at this speed I just register outlines and let the colors fill themselves in
as long as I can see my feet I wont be too late

opening the door I smell dissipating patience
two flies imitating a three stringed viola
a wall studded with LEDs, dozens ripe enough to eat

as long as there’s oxygen there’ll be coffee
you can pay with clothes, dna or electricity
five cars starting at once form a chord I swoon
so many sandaled feet with flowers between the toes
so many encrypted accents I forget I’m alone & let the questions loose

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