The End of an ‘A’

By | 1 May 2014

“Small exact houses set back from small exact lawns.”
“Two yellow vapor lamps.” Mist. Rain. Mud. Main

street. Fogged glass. Wind. Wet gables. “Little rain-soaked
capes of lindens, birch groves, pin oaks.” Assume I was

once there (I do) studying the moss (okay?) between
rotten tree trunks; ant colonies; blackbirds; voles; beetles;

skunks; honeybees. The major (the history of it) was a minor
(the philosophy of it). The science of it assumes otherwise.

Honesty itself
is an assumption—
of guilt, usually.

So I assume—YOU, for
instance, studying

tree roots. It’s “easy”
to “allow for” such

accidental imperfections.

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