Terrence Chiusano

Terrence Chiusano received his BA in poetry writing from the University of Pittsburgh and his MA in literature from the University at Buffalo. Some of his poems have appeared in Denver Quarterly (forthcoming), Colorado Review, Cordite Poetry Review, Yellow Field, Kenning, Ixnay, Queen Street Quarterly, Basinski: A Zine of the Arts, and elsewhere. He is the author of On Generation & Corruption: Poems (forthcoming, Fordham University Press, 2015), and the chapbook On Generation and Corruption: Parts I and II (Handwritten Press, 2003). He is also an assistant editor of Huck Finn: The Complete Buffalo and Erie County Public Library Manuscript (Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, 2003). He lives in Pittsburgh.

A “Nearly” Thought, A Charming “Picture”

Here’s something: a first whir, the next step…a few feats more. I’ve “already” retched…reached, I mean; taken the jump so to speak. It seems right. And so the so-called story as it exists in the so-called here-and-now. • That to …

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The End of an ‘A’

“Small exact houses set back from small exact lawns.” “Two yellow vapor lamps.” Mist. Rain. Mud. Main street. Fogged glass. Wind. Wet gables. “Little rain-soaked capes of lindens, birch groves, pin oaks.” Assume I was once there (I do) studying …

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Packing the Elbow: Three Linked Poems of Thirty Lines

Thirty Lines for Dora An actual reply is a kind of thanks—for taking the time to make it, etc., very much taken if appreciated—but I think this reply isn’t actual, isn’t addressing the glitches that make the simple difficult: she …

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