Uncer Giedd / Our Song

By and | 15 May 2023

this time you be the prey
& I’ll be the predator

this time you’re stranded
on an island of violent men

& I defeat them all
with the battle-strong
branches of my bōgum

this time I devour you
like a wolf

this time you find me
crying in the middle of the forest

& cover me with heavy branches
until I can barely breathe

this time I save you
from a tyrant husband

this time you be wyn
& I’ll be lāð

this time you be the wolf
& I’ll be the whelp

this time you are an island
surrounded by blood
& I have to drink it all
to save you

wæs mē wyn tō þon

uncer giedd geaddor

the weird
aching song
we make together

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