Another email to say they’ve thought about diversity

By | 15 May 2023

For T.B. and A.W.

In barren fields of fear I’m jolted by the inexperience of his words,
Plosive pleasure in defining our appeal
This scathes, rips us from a belonging to ourselves

The cacophony of colony in the air is beauty to them,
Heaving on its own poison as my heart pounds unheard
Unseen in a body once free, now commodified

I aim to reply with brisk hope but have hollow visions,
Chase wisps of a meandering fortitude
And by this overwhelming darkness am spurred on to be someone

The sickly flutter through my hands presses into keyboard letters,
With an old stealth I’m not grateful to have inherited
I manoeuvre around his white desire to be seen

In spawning warps I wander through my mind for miles,
Consider connection with the flailing tail ends of my pain,
Until a corner suddenly turned reveals the relief of warm light

For a moment
The violence of not being seen to have a body
Is defeated with a sibling’s words

Their cultures prosper on conformity
And while they are busy being afraid,
I remember you spoke of a way to see everything

I remember that afternoon,
I fell asleep to the refrain of your passion
Your essay’s melody revealing armour, my heart encased safely inside

The blood flows back to me in this new tide of belonging
The blanket is woven, knows my body is here
In the shimmering spaces between its fibres and me is an alchemy of care

I remember myself

I shake it off to run to his inbox, wish this warmth to stick to my skin

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