The melancholy of the inverted

By | 1 June 2022

A gilt-framed painting of Strawberry Hill, seraphs
carved in stone, chatelaines and belts, velvet, sad
little notes ‘for the jaded decadent to wonder at,’
the boy at the loom, presentation copies, gifts of
any kind, a monody, the telegram: ‘burn my letters,’
a white surplice, his photos of the Acropolis, a
polaroid stuck in a book, embroidery, an envelope
edged in black, burning eyes beneath the veil, an
antique scalpel, sonnets painted on a wall, a bedsit,
a cathedral, the dream of a seafarer, typescript in
boxes, a portrait of the king, rain on Magdalen
Bridge, fieldfares, a child’s play staged in a garden,
a hand mirror, a comb, an illustration of the proposal,
fleur-de-lis, a bone in the throat, a curved frame with
a spindle back, videotape, an ancient pose, white
embossed card, buttresses, eyes across a gangway,
an impression made in wax, brocade, a postcard from
Menton, the son of a judge, plovers’ eggs, violet ink,
a record of her condition, a ticket, the sensation of
falling, a motion picture, an index, a fire on the hill.

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