please leave me a hairdryer

By | 1 June 2022

please tell your husband too,
you should come back and stay.
maybe take a pottery course

please tell your husband to
refrain from psychoanalysing
his unconsenting guests

please leave me a good review –
the last woman didn’t, said
she couldn’t believe I had no hairdryer

please leave me a hairdryer
it’s seven degrees outside and
I just crawled out of the ocean

it was a great pleasure to
host Lauren and her friend, they
were both very nice people

Lauren and her ‘friend’
had a lovely, sinful stay in
your hyper-Christian home

Lauren y sus amigos estuvieron
muy simpaticos y dejaron
el apartamento en perfecto estado

Lauren no hablas español
muchas gracias amigo et tu
mañana mas café en hermosa cuidad

Lauren was one of my best guests!
she was such a kind person and
we texted a lot during her stay

Lauren sent you texts in error
of wildflowers and travel tales
meant for Lauren’s dad

Nice & tidy!
You just might regret!
She used my place very cleanly
Left the place in a terrified condition
I highly recommend her as guest to all hosts =))
It is recommended that you stay well clear
Friendly, respectful, and very quiet
Overbearing, lives on site
Great guest 🙂
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