Hard of Understanding

By | 1 June 2022

This thick ear is a humble interface;
a desktop setting for within,
a triumph
of engineering and aesthetic quirk
that captures sound like a fisherman’s net:
indiscriminate and blind as their jakes.
Your slipp’ry bream-words spill across membrane;
r’leased with salt-water spray from terse blue lips
filtered and,
guarded and,
with grey timbre.
I don’t understand.
But my ear lets you in despite myself.
I’ternal screams without voice, a twisting carp
gasping for water in a world made from air,
and so I nod and say anything, everything,
just so the sound stops.
And our eyes then meet.
I mirror your smile, a quieter tide comes in.
No more noise,
I am as content as the ‘Davy dark’
but without its depth, its cerulean blue,
its ability to join you in communion.

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