Memory Again

By | 2 February 2001

And I want so bad
to walk beside you;
— Bubble, Red House Painters

for Jane Kelly

Quiet, lost yet striving to be,
gazing from this clean student window
Grey sky, Dusseldorf,
feeling the timidity of not knowing the language
I’m thinking of you, wondering if this
might turn into some sort of mild trial
to discover how much I like you.
Where you’ve been won’t shock me
and there are few clues so far
to tell how I’ve acted, what I’ve tried.
The film was harrowing though we expected it;
your shoulder remains cool and secure.
We talked of embracing the moment, stowing
those gallons of memory on a remoter hill.
From here, in the middle of this unambitious
jetlagged afternoon, it feels again
like the eight years of not knowing you,
that you’re equally distant and close —
like memory, memory again.

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