By | 1 May 2019
hi ya all ya all ok?    name is lily lily magnolia   ya know folks big game huntin’ so expensive since rhinoceros elephant tigers became endangered    trump brothers they’re wild    don jnr shot an elephant    cut off the tail as a trophy legends  they’re the true conservationists    if all tha’ wildlife goes there’s nothin’ left to shoot   big business breedin’ lions on ‘canned farms’   eight thousand of ’em     only twelve hundred left in the wild   cubs taken for pettin’ zoos are hand-reared easy to shoot ’cos they’re so tame    in the savannah get so close to a lioness ya can almost see her blink   shots fired bam thud    thrill-in’   rich hobby hunters use bow and arrows sometimes they miss     giraffe not that difficult    a high-powered rifle does tha’ job    porters arrange her all neat folded up like a starched linen napkin     careful camera duddent miss tha’ shot you draped over a dead giraffe     put it up on the wall alongside mounted animals ya killed leopard antelope   big red kangaroo at top-dollar tourist park join a shooter’s outback adventure package     hunt farmed big reds or emus (ya can’t hunt ’roo in oz not like in texas) tha’ reminders of the toys ya had as a child    red lion    purple elephant    ha shure is fun

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