By | 1 May 2019

Axe wraps brass wire
around his knuckles
then vanishes into the woods.

He picks a fight with anyone
who comes too close, makes
kindling from his opponents.

Bark shavings, rough and
diseased, cover his body
as splinters, as a second skin.

He laughs at this new pain:
this sharp to the gut,
this bruise-less breaking.

He bleeds sap, he bleeds
metal, he bleeds
all too human.

So he fights. He punches
the trees, the stumps in frustration;
he forces the splinters deeper.

So he buries his head
in the ground, rests his cheek
against the parents of his body.

Axe murders
every desire
that he’s ever had,

then wraps brass wire
around his guts,
and vanishes into the wood.

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