Aurora: Childhood Models of Movie Monsters

By | 1 May 2019

the werewolf

Once a month,
I howl at a full moon,
mad with misty light.
Lonely and masterless,
I am my own dog.

Frankenstein’s monster

I did not ask for this:
an assembly of reprehensible parts,
a thunderbolt, and an agony
of life no one wants
me to live.

the forgotten prisoner of Castel-Maré

Memory is a dungeon
where my bones remain
chained to walls. My last word
fell from my mouth
with my tongue.


Childless, I am savage
sire to an inverted family
of undead ancestors,
related solely by blood
and a taste for more. 

the hunchback of Notre Dame

If beauty is fleeting,
I know why. The lash
and the will to whip
a broad back bloody
has left me one eye.

the mummy

Duty drives even the dead
from shroud to stairs
to serve whoever commands.
Breathless, I limp, ragged
through empty centuries.

Dr. Jekyll

I cannot remember
half of what I’ve done.
With blood on my shoes,
I wonder where to hide
the rest of who I am.

the phantom of the opera

Symphonies and sewers
are my fate. A mask
and darkness is all
I need to forget
I ever had a face.

the creature from the black lagoon

Alone, in a dim, green world,
I knew nothing. Now, I’ve seen
her, and only now, do I see
my home is merely mud, weeds,
and still, dark water.

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