Growing Flowers I Am the Flower

By | 1 December 2022

I am hearing sounds I shouldn’t
A phone ringing when nobody’s calling
If reality is collapsing like I have asked it to, then I am delighted
and will buy moist, soft strawberry rollcake to celebrate
I daydream about living deep in the woods in a fairytale
cottage near a wide, powder-blue lake
I am completely self-sustaining
I grow my own food and warm my own bath water
with a fire I stoked myself using firewood I found
strewn atop the Earth
I walk barefoot

In your travels, if you happen to enter my realm,
perhaps you would like to trade with the fox children who
are neither foxes nor children, who do not
know a good deal when they see one I have made it
very clear that capitalism may not exist/here

/here, I am growing flowers

Flowers that emit their own light
& dim when plucked
when replanted
become twice as bright

I chose this place for its ruined church
for its still-functioning fountain
wide enough to hold a body
wise enough to house a soul
Generously lifting the veil from our eyes
Limitless not
deep enough to drown in

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