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Question: Please explain how to separate a body from a nation.

Answer: First, spread the body-nation out on a clean, flat surface such as a kitchen counter or an ironing board. Next, take a large blank piece of paper and lay it over the body-nation so that it covers it entirely. The size of the paper will depend on the size of your body-nation. For a small island nation A4 or even A5 will do. Using your hands, press the paper onto the body-nation gently. Then, with damp hands, sprinkling water as you go, press the paper down firmly so that it molds to the body-nation. Leave to dry. If you live in a cold climate, heat it by a fire. If you live in a warm, humid climate keep it in a cool, dry place. When the paper is dry, starting at a corner, slowly remove an edge, lifting the paper away from what is now the body. The paper should be imprinted on the underside with a map of the nation, which is the nation. If it is not imprinted go back and repeat the process. The nation can be framed, hung or discarded. Never throw away the body. Alternate methods of separation include cutting, boiling or even vigorous shaking until the elements rise or fall into distinct layers. These methods always result in part of the body or nation being sacrificed and are not recommended if wanting to retain the wholeness of either part.

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