a peregrine falcon

By | 1 August 2017
this grand

wings attempt
of one free
I see from his
I am he for a

pockets and thermal
at the insistence of
and touch the only true
my flight feathers, feel
eons and eons and eons
clutching in towards the
me like water through air
drinking tins of beer you

with your retinas to recall
you will remember when
the forever of the world in
the colorado,
a vastness
equal to such an
chasm, if a ratio
bird : eternity,
eyes as though
second, lord of air
energy, sweep down

movement on cliff face
history with the tips of
the aching resonance of
of rivers and rivers and rivers
earth as I gain speed, you see

you perch up there like a toy bird
trace the angles of this depression
you take the measure of distance
you lie awake at night you will see
catch the light of my eyes in its glow

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