By | 1 February 2022

lots of histories
some that made it to her story
she holds up the hems of her skirt to collect the moods of her ancestors

she loses her brother to a missile that hits the sunroom
a piece of it lodged in her calf

she weds a man she loves
lives the life she’s been taught dreaming of easy days

she fills the pockets of my pink snow coat with nuts and dry fruit
almonds to keep you warm

she swallows the rock in her throat at the airport waiting for answers
her home and her people on the other side of earth

she attends her mother’s funeral via long distance calls
her grief sticking to the walls of the home she’s built on stolen land

she dreams of her mother picking an onion out of her breast
the biopsy disagrees and the chemo takes her eyebrows

she forces her hand to sign divorce papers while her children hold her weeping body
she must live days made up of her fears

i’m weary after another battle with chemicals set off by the memory in my body
she makes me mantoo
noshe jaan jiggeram

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