By | 1 February 2022

Water has no friends when the salt sets in – surfaces dry and crusty, white and crunchy, saltpan country
Lost echoes without a lingo action asleep in slow-mo
Am I dreaming awake or am I a serpent sleeping
Alert alert
Splashes of water – make me inert
Water water for a flame that carries marries the wind, air blows and then viruses set in
A wombs warm space no place for war, but peace and quiet which tarries like Mary Margaret Marries
Where once was a river, now a museum exhibiting fish bones
Salt pan city waiting for water, waking in wind with nothing to fire
Condensation and cold
Hot air wind blows in helium balloons when allowed in
Water can be a cyclone or a Tony singing up a tornado with Harry Hurricano and Sami’s Tsunami Mangoes
Planetary star surfaces show no obvious signs of waters occupation
Starburst bangers feed closer to icebergs melting and algae blooms growing stagnant minds busting creativities imagination
Water, where did you go?
One too many fertiliser chasers to cleanse the eyes of global wealthy businessmen tailors
Waters womb a place of peace, dark and warm while Mothers feast
Never bad for bones
Drink too much hydrocephalus
Drink too little you’ll be killed and shrivelled
Salmon breeding in plastic elastic ocean flowing water pens lungs filling with micro beads lining guts of pelicans, oysters feeding on pellets of plastic and me, eating them.
Cold and freezing, chilly to the touch
Only place to go is back up


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