Obsolescent Music

By | 1 August 2012

a piano
built in America
for use in saloon bars
with a high iron frame and a tone
to be heard over a room full of sloshed singers
yet how sweet it could sound
when damped by blankets
and played at 3am by an inspired songwriter

the ivories are chipped like a woodsman’s teeth
and scorched now
by a hundred years of nicotined fingers
but still it’s a sterling object
built to last though inherited
by an evolve or die world where
what man makes man breaks
where he drinks to accelerando
and belts out ballads
with the timbre of falling trees

then there’s the coconut
with its unidentified growth factor
and floating in its glowing white ocean
expectant beings
ready to scale the meat form ensembles
evolve instruments on which to beat out
the rhythms of their tiny as yet
unbreakable hearts

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