Imagined heterosexuality with you, my ex who won’t stop calling

By | 1 August 2021

In one daydream I pour water over the freshly made lasagne
(that you clearly don’t appreciate) before you can even dig in
and before you can blink I am over at the neighbour’s making you my cuckold

In another I slock you over the head with an ornamental clock
(shaped like The Thinker) which was always our sexiest bedroom weapon
watch the blood drip down your cheek, my aproned curves in the reflection of your eyes

Maybe we’ll get married, settle down in Remuera, have two kids, a cat named Bagel
you’re sure my pussy is baggier and a million small violences are done to me on the daily:
you leave the seat up
we watch Inception for the seventh time
you leave the laundry to get wet on the line
our son takes up slut-shaming his classmates
I hold my tongue and never open the oven while the soufflé rises
in the bedroom you ask me please to start calling you daddy
and your body sloshes against mine until our shared repulsion for you kills us

Why not, babe?! Let’s do it! I’m not one to lose at a game of chicken! Let alone to you!
Who knows? Maybe when I finally say yes, you’ll stop. fucking. pushing.

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