By | 1 August 2016


If you can’t save your own soul you might as well save electricity
I know that bug wants more and will plead with me in a dozen different
Dylan draped guises
H+R Block sure don’t miss a thing
and neither does that hamburger box
so long as those cloud hills stay nice and blue
we’re both in for a satisfactory skidad to the carillion
I was a teenager once
everything was included
and again I reign victorious over myself
I moved the tape player slightly.


I know I care
about the placement of one piece of paint or another
and the seriousness of being gone
and someone’s need to be transferred (no)
and someone’s dying child (no)
she hopes it’s dying anyway.
But really I just want to look for the right aquiline nose on the internet
and almost any man with long hair will do.
I tried to convince you I had grown up
you may or may not have believed me
you probably really wanted to
but I was always going to turn back into a goose
and apart from a sometimes doubtful stomach
it doesn’t matter all that much to anyone.
Because retaining the right amount of moisture between 6 and 7:30 am is peaceful

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