They Do Their Best

By | 27 June 2005

They do their best–not wanting
To show an ungrateful face,
Not wanting to step out of line,
To show difference

They do their best–crowding out
The shops, being up with the latest
This or that, the most pressing of
Consumer needs.

They do their best–to make
A life, to find things to follow,
Not wanting to have nothing
To hold to.

They do their best–to be part,
To share the hatred that has been
Crafted for them, hate not
In their hearts.

They do their best–at the moments
Of desolation, to pretend there is
Something that connects, some reason
Why they belong to this here
And now–the here and the now
Made of the nothings, of the hate,
Of countless unbelongings.

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