Comedian C

By | 27 June 2005

Know this now: I long ago gave up my belief in Rapture.
I rise on pins and spit the pips, Hugo.
Prenuptials must not include
Recourse to jelly donuts.
Not this time. I am no one's Ivanhoe.
I too despise, abhor, deny, and denigrate prose poetry.

This here is an ode to language itself, which writes us.
It doesn't write me a cheque, though.
Drive me like a Porsche.
Somebody better call the cops, kiddo.
I am in. In luck, intemperate.
Poetry should not exculpate: it sings, buddy. Got that?

All men will be millers then, so that they will eat pain.
Egghead marries hourglass.
Four-eyes weds egg-timer.
Old-timer shacks up with Dish.
Creep gets world famous chick.
Tut Tut McGinty Said. He said this with much relish.

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