27 June 2005

if you come over i'll give to you what I can

i heard you're in L.A. for the protest and the Post-sit-in
i heard you're in L.A., shirt not buttoned at the top

got a yellow flower patch spiting the horizon line
got a yellow shirt     whyn't you here to try it on

got some far-off friends' shirts and shoes and socks
got some far-off friends     they're funny babies very odd

asters in rain     you won't believe how they blow
asters in rain     you won't believe how they move

got a rock collection and photographs of smoke
got a road on my mind     whyn't we walk it slow

that bunch of asters on my windowsill     in bloom
thine bunch of asters callin me     hey pick us soon

asters in rain     you won't believe why they move

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