By | 1 February 2020
After  some  consideration  it  was  decided that
my   situation   had   to   be   resolved.    It    was
unanimous: I  was no longer  just  a beast  but a
dangerous  monster.   Still,  many  felt  that  one
last reward for me was  most appropriate.   One
throw, and I leapt to retrieve my trophy, only to
find it was a bone of  silence and solitude.  With
their  parting gift  firmly clenched  between my
teeth,  I lurched  and  panted  across  the  plains
under   endless     skies.       Until,       rain     and 
encroaching       darkness       took     over      the 
landscape.    I   shuddered.    The    grotesquerie 
dropped  off  my  jaws.  Dusk brought   out   my 
silhouette.     Strange      noises      struggled    to 
untangle themselves from my throat.  I took up 
the bone,   picked up the pace,  merged with the 
night.    Stillness  and  faraway    stars  were my 
companions. In my head, a  voice weighed in It 
depends...It depends  how far  you want to take 
it into the night...It depends...
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