Charles D’Anastasi


After some consideration it was decided that my situation had to be resolved. It was unanimous: I was no longer just a beast but a dangerous monster. Still, many felt that one last reward for me was most appropriate. One …

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Somewhere in Patagonia

It surrounds me the vernacular, the buzz of your land,

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Whip and Tongue

There's no comparison, I know, but sometimes it's not enough, I lick the underside to get a taste of how the other half lives; the salt rising to the surface. It's not enough, I lick the underside to pirate, treasure, …

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an ordinary day

and tell me; how we're going to breathe, in a hallelujah of blue trees; go past in a righteous gaze, when even with a silent song playing in one's veins, something approaching a throb, historians cannot be certain of the …

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Madame Bovary

My skin pores and lets you in the thin place between the word and the thing. Sleep awhile if you will the body has endured a short lesson in how to be here and it is too late to ask …

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The moon and the man with the suitcase

After 'The Schoolmaster' by Rene Magritte Crazily it shone – the moment that formed his desire. Somewhere in the largeness of the world, evening was coming to a close but there was still the night to anticipate. Something with which …

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